Your Dreams, our commitment

Secure Your Future with Best LIC Insurance Advisor in Kolkata - Your Trusted Financial Planner


Your Dreams, our commitment

Secure Your Future with Best LIC Insurance Advisor in Kolkata - Your Trusted Financial Planner

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Best LIC Insurance Advisor in Kolkata

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I am Naveen Shaw, an insurance advisor in Kolkata. We specialize in Wealth Management Services and Insurance Consultancy services for all types of Insurances, such as Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Term Plan, Children education/ Marriage/Securing future, Financial Planning etc.

We offer customized Wealth Solutions which help people to achieve their long term and medium term financial goals through effective financial planning.

Since last 8 years, we have helped more than 400 families and individuals in retirement planning, child’s education planning, financial protection against any unforeseen events etc.

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I can help you with New LIC Policy, Loan on Policy, Policy Transfer, Premium Pay, Rename the Heir, Rename/Change, Change Policy Address, Continue Stop Policy, NEFT Registration, Duplicate Policy Bond, Surrender Policy and Death Claim.

Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones with the security of life insurance.

health insurance

Stay covered and worry-free with reliable health insurance.

non life insurance

Safeguard your assets and peace of mind with non-life insurance.

Income Insurance

Ensure your financial stability with income insurance you can rely on.


Plan for a worry-free retirement with dependable retirement insurance

Children's Futrure

Invest in your child's bright future with dedicated children's insurance.

other services

Mutual Fund

Grow your money wisely with the potential of mutual funds.


Ensure your medical expenses are covered with trusted mediclaim

Financial Planning

Secure your financial journey with expert guidance in financial planning.

Ready to secure your future?

Reach out to us today and let's build a brighter financial path together.

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I, Shilpa Shaw , an Existing Customer of LIC have done a policy as Suggested by Mr. Naveen Shaw , a Trusted Advisor of LIC of INDIA.. I’ve get to know about him from my Father who is again an Existing and a Valuable Customer of LIC and due to Mr. Naveen, the Advisor , we have had this Faith in LIC.. Talking about Mr. Naveen, He is a very Genuine and Delicate person not only in his Work but also the Customer Service. He is Persuasive and gave a Good Product Knowledge to their Customers.. We are so Satisfied and will suggest everyone to get a Term Insurance Policy with the Help of Such an Advisors like Him who will Guide you in Every part. He is the best insurance advisor in Kolkata

Shilpa Shaw

I never had any kind of investment prior to 2023, was looking forward to someone who can guide me out and whom I can trust. In time, I got in touch with Naveen and his Team, had very clear communication regarding investment and here I am with a fresh portfolio and looking forward to many more.

Swarup Kumar Paul

Naveen Shaw is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and customer-focused best insurance Advisor in Kolkata. He has helped me and my young family establish a sound financial plan that is tailored to our specific goals and objectives. He continuously keeps up-to-date on how we are tracking towards our plan and makes consultative suggestions when needed., With his support and expertise, I am confident in my family’s financial future.

Rahul Chaudhury